BigData Web Application

Industry: Government, Corporations, Sales-Marketing Analysis, Scientific Data Analytics, etc.

Category: Web Application, BigData Analytics



Solution brief

There is a Relational Database Engine for big data analytics that is written in C. This engine named Turbo Engine is written in Japan around the year 1999-2001, and next years it has been evolved regularly. There are many desktop applications in the Japan market based on this Turbo Engine. We write a web application for spreadsheet data analysis. This application is a excel like web application that can handle billions of records/rows in web browsers. It’s also hosted in cloud environment and uses through web browsers. Among many features, this application also executes Python scripts for Data processing.


About users companies

There are many Japanese companies using this application’s earlier desktop versions; and many of them move to this web solution. Various types of companies using big data analytics; government corporations, sales-marketing analysis companies, internet service providing companies, etc. 


Impact in business operations

As a web application, hosted into cloud environment, facilitate for sharing same application among many users. Now its open for more wide type of domains. Python scripts creation and execution make data processing more easier then before. This application make easier to integrate with other applications.