HRM & Payroll

Industry: Business Organizations, Manufacturing industries, Service Industries

Category: Web Application, HRM Application



Solution brief

The solution is called ESimSol-HRM that extracted from our slogan Easy & Simple Solutions. The application is continuously enriching since the year 2011. A matured software solution, easy configurable for wide range of organization’s size and business domain. ESimSol-HRM covers full lifecycle of an employee’s enrollment to departure into the organization.


About users companies

ESimSol-HRM is using in small-medium organizations to large corporations are ranges from 10’s to 25,000 employees. Also suitable for wide types of business operations; for example, trading corporations, manufacturing industries, service organizations, etc.

HRM consultancy companies also use this software as a tool of their HRM Consultancy services.


Impact in business operations

Specially manufacturing industries faces challenges with Government’s and Buyer’s compliances that highly mitigated by ESimSol-HRM. 24/7 operating manufacturing and service industries faces roster duties planning & scheduling complications. ESimSol-HRM simply manages all these complications. In addition, our HRM software supports integration with Financial Accounting software; so it minimizes workload and ensure cross-verification of payroll transactions. A single process facilitates 25,000+ employees attendance and payroll data preparation within few 10 minutes.